hi i’m geep


ships I like

-childe x anyone honestly
-idk some other less popular ships like albeluc diluven or whatever those ship names are
-there are plenty more these are just what I came up w off the top of my head

ships I don’t like

-kaeluc/luckae (no hate to ppl who ship it, pls do not comment it on my art or send requests for it. thx)
-anything w minors and adults (chongyun, bennett, etc)
-not a huge zhongchi fan

kinks I like:

-dub/non con
-piss (unfortunately)
-anything w bellies (I will not elaborate)
-anything w inceltaru


-I don’t announce open coms or anything but if you dm me and ask for one I will probably draw it, just give me a few weeks since i’m pretty busy w personal art and my job
-prices are:
$50 per character for sketch
$70 per char for flat color
$90 per char for full rendering
-paypal only

interacting w me:

-I don’t really do casual DMing but ur welcome to say hi or anything!
-PLEASE send me anon requests I love seeing ur stuff even if it’s ridiculous sometimes
-comments fuel me!!! if u like my art please tell me!!! it makes my day!!!